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Armenia Internship Program Testimonials

“I absolutely would recommend the program. The Armenian Assembly really takes everything into account — not just treating the students as if they have come for the first time or are unfamiliar, or as tourists who maybe don’t understand the language, or as people who are politically interested or economically interested in the country…really taking into account visiting sites, meeting with leaders, gathering information and also the work experience. I would definitely recommend the program as a whole because I think it’s a unique opportunity that not all young people can say they have been a part of and I just think that’s crucial…it’s an asset and you become very connected with your homeland.”
Michelle Ohanian, Permanent Representation of the Artsakh Republic in Armenia, 2019

“I recommend this internship for anyone that wants have a better idea of Armenian culture, Armenian history and politics, specifically because you get to meet officials, you get to meet with high-up commissioners. If you want to be involved, with anything involved with Armenia as a whole as well and embrace it in your heart, this internship is definitely an internship I recommend. Also, I would recommend a visit to Armenia, especially for those who have never visited Armenia.”
Adrian Kromelian, Institute of Molecular Biology, National Academy of Sciences of Armenia & Piruzyan Medical Center, 2019

“Armenia is an amazing country with so many things to discover. The Armenian Assembly of America’s Internship Program ensured that we all got to see all the incredible parts of Armenia that make up its rich history as well as speak with leaders who are working towards a better future.”
Megan Jakob, Aurora Humanitarian Initiative & City of Smile Charitable Foundation, 2019

“I feel like this summer has energized my desire to come back to Armenia and live here and open my eyes to the ways that I can help Armenia, what the issues are, and what is needed. That was one of my main goals for coming here and I feel like I fulfilled that – which is great – thanks to this program. Come to Armenia and do this program!”
Lillian Avedian, Hetq News Agency, 2018


“I am proud I took the first step on what will most likely be a life-long journey of learning the Armenian language. After four weeks of lessons, I picked up some basic writing, reading, and speaking skills, as well as basic grammar. Hopefully, I will continue learning Armenian and will return in the near future with more fluency…There were so many highlights to the trip that it’s hard to pick! The four-day trip to southern Armenia and Artsakh definitely contained my favorite places that we visited…This program is worth checking out. You get the best of everything: you get autonomy, you get to pursue your own career goals and interests through the internship wherever they set you up and on the weekends, and you get to experience Armenia and the amazing things this country has to offer.”
Justin Tramonti, Matenadaran (The Mesrop Mashtots Institute of Ancient Manuscripts), 2018


“The Assembly gives you a platform and an outlet to really discover what Armenia is about, what it’s like, and also puts yourself in a position where you are able to give back.”
Raffi Barsamian, ArmComedy, 2018


“What I really like about the Assembly internship is that it gives you both structure and freedom. There are events, things planned, meetings, and excursions, but there is also enough free time built in that you can explore Armenia for yourself.”
Jivan Purutyan, Eurasian Partnership Foundation, 2018


“For a political science major, this was a thrilling experience. We were able to ask [President Sahakyan and Foreign Minister Mirzoyan] questions and hear from them firsthand about their positions on different issues pertaining to Artsakh and Armenia. This was probably my favorite part of the trip, and it’s something I’ll never forget.”
Rachael Minassian, Regional Studies Center, 2017


“Having been born in Armenia while it was still part of the Soviet Union, and never having visited since my family immigrated to the United States in 1991, the Armenian Assembly of America internship program in Armenia provided a unique opportunity to reconnect with my country of birth. It served as the quintessential gateway between the West and the Near East, whereby Western-educated academics imbued with a genuine passion for the application of their skills and knowledge are given a chance to work toward the betterment of Armenia. The program strikes a balance between maintaining professionalism and the equally important dimension of warm hospitality. It’s an opportunity sure to benefit any passionate Armenian-American student.”
Narek Sarksyan, Civilitas, 2014

 “As an intern at the International Center for Human Development my task was to meet and interview senior-level government officials on the bilateral relations of Armenia and various international security organizations. I stand firmly with the vision statement of the Armenian Assembly of America which states, ‘A diaspora active in all facets of Armenia’s resurgence will make Armenia more secure and prosperous,’ and want to thank them for making this internship possible.”
Ruben Tsarukyan, International Center for Human Development, 2014


“Armenia was an intense experience for me, both in terms of my Armenian identity and also my understanding of the Armenian political sphere. The Armenian Assembly of America’s Yerevan Internship provided the opportunity for this experience to happen, and I cannot imagine being the person I am today without it. There is a tremendous amount of good coming from that office; from the lasting relationships with staff and volunteers to the commitment to building a more vibrant and prosperous Hayastan. With the help of the Armenian Assembly, I was able to connect with and learn about a whole new community for me, something I consider to be one of the most fulfilling endeavors of my life.”
Zachary Antoyan, Armenian Center for National and International Studies, 2012

 “During the summer of 2010, I decided to intern in Yerevan, Armenia. I had considered multiple different programs, but as a college sophomore the Armenian Assembly of America seemed most suitable for me. The entire staff was extremely friendly throughout the entire process; from helping me find an apartment that was affordable, spacious, had all the necessary amenities, and close to both the office I interned at and the city center, to finding the perfect internship based off my field of study and interests. The Armenian Assembly of America also organized memorable meetings with political and religious figures and planned some wonderful retreats for our intern class. The Armenian Assembly of America was a key part of making my 2010 Armenia Internship such an important piece of my life and I would strongly recommend this program to anyone considering interning in Armenia.”
Aram Kavoukjian, Armenian Development Agency, 2010

“Over the years I have heard many positive things about the Armenian Assembly and so, I decided to participate in the internship program this summer. The internship program has turned out to be a great learning experience, as well as a lot of fun! Even though I have previously been to Armenia on several occasions, this program has allowed me to visit places that I’ve never seen and most importantly, be able to give back to my country as an intern.”
Tsoline Avedisian, National Competitiveness Center of Armenia (NCAA) & National Geographic Traveler – Armenia, 2008

“My Armenian Assembly internship in Armenia has provided me the opportunity to experience the nature of professional life in Armenia. While interning at the Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute and Armenia’s Foreign Ministry, I was able to utilize the knowledge and skills of an apprentice at the field of politics and international relations, to a professional level. In addition, the internship provided me the invaluable opportunity of experiencing life in Armenia, not as a tourist, but rather as a resident. Above all, the internship reignited the fire inside of me to fight, live and work for our beloved Armenia”
Sarkis Balkhian, Middle East Department of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs & Armenian Genocide Museum-Institute (AGMI), 2008

“I knew that the Assembly’s program would be a worthy and fulfilling experience. I wish every young Armenian-American could experience a program of this type, in which one has the possibility of doing something for Armenia, while living like a Hayastantsi for a summer.  Not many programs provide students that opportunity.”
Armen Toumajan, Armenian Assembly DC Intern, 2000; Armenia Intern, 2001

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