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Terjenian-Thomas Internship Testimonials

“I would recommend this program, not just for the experiences that are gained, but also the friendships that are created here.”
Michael Melkonian, National Republican Senatorial Committee, 2019


“I think that it’s a great experience and shows young scholars what it’s like to be in a work environment, with great opportunities such as meetings on the Hill and various tours, while also being a perfect balance.”
Alex Nargizian, Armenian National Institute, 2019


“I would recommend this program to anyone. Through the lectures and meetings, it gives people the opportunity to explore many fields in just 8 weeks. I feel like I had 3 internships at once (in a good way).”
Lucine Beylerian, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ), 2019


“The Armenian Assembly internship program has been a truly amazing experience. It gave me the opportunity to be able to work in Washington DC in my desired field, while also reconnecting me with my Armenian heritage. I have learned so much about my career path and where we as Armenians stand in the world and how we can each make a difference.”
Brooke Kersten, Environmental Protection Agency, 2019


“I truly enjoyed working on Capitol Hill, observing and being part of our nation’s legislative process. I am also eternally grateful for the friendships and bonds that I created with my fellow Armenian interns over the summer. The opportunity to share this experience with Armenians from all over the country and world was the highlight of my summer. Not only did I have a very fun summer, I was able to build work experience in a very respectable place, network and make new Armenians friends all while exploring and growing my personal self in a new city.”
Olivia Zorayan, Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA), 2019


The Armenian Assembly summer internship program was a fascinating and unique program focused on what interests me most, Armenian issues in America. The opportunities that we had as interns – ranging from meeting with congressmen and women to getting a personal tour of the Library of Congress too were unmatched.
Ani Matevosyan, Embassy of the Republic of Armenia, 2019


“As the summer comes to an end, so does my internship for Armenian Caucus Co-Vice Chair Representative Gus Bilirakis. This internship was invaluable and truly exceeded all of my expectations. I was able to learn so much being in a fast-paced environment with an office of Floridians, who made the office feel like home.”
Mireille Samra, Congressman Gus Bilirakis (R-FL), 2018


“The experience of working in Washington, D.C. this summer with the Armenian Assembly of America was truly unmatched. The opportunity to learn so much about U.S.-Armenia relations in the nation’s capital through meeting with numerous prominent leaders and professionals was a very unique experience, especially right after the Velvet Revolution in Armenia. The Assembly provided us interns with unparalleled experiences that taught us so much.”
Lena Richardson, Communications and Public Affairs Department at Armenian Assembly of America, 2018


“Working at the Smithsonian Folklife Festival was really touching and special to me. I had the opportunity to introduce Armenian culture to everybody, both Armenian and non-Armenian, who came to visit Washington, D.C. It was heartwarming to witness Americans learning about and appreciating Armenian culture.”
Tamar Barsamian, Smithsonian Institute’s Center for Folklife and Cultural Heritage, 2018


“I was honored to have the opportunity to return to Washington, D.C. as this year’s Terjenian-Thomas Assembly Intern Coordinator. It was great to see students from all around the country working together to help the Armenian American community. The Assembly interns were all incredibly intelligent and their passion for their work was contagious. It was a pleasure to work with them and I hope they use the knowledge and experience they gained this summer to continue improving their communities.”
Robert Arzoumanian, Intern Coordinator, 2017 & Armenian Caucus Co-Chair Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ), 2016


 “Congresswoman Speier is one of two Armenian American Representatives in the United States Congress, and I hold her in high regard. She proves her dedication to her work every day, and I am fortunate to have interned in her office.  I looked forward to work every day.  It was an incredible experience to hear her story, along with other professionals I met who work in the U.S. Government from meetings organized by the Armenian Assembly. I believe the Congressional internship position is perhaps one of the most invaluable experiences to have for someone my age, and I am incredibly grateful to have had this one-of-a-kind opportunity.”
David Madey, Armenian Caucus Co-Chair Congresswoman Jackie Speier (D-CA), 2017


 “It was a great experience being involved with the Armenian Assembly of America Internship Program this summer. We learned a great deal about our Armenian heritage as well as the factors that influence Armenian American relations.”
Taylor Boole, Congressman George Holding (R-NC), 2017


 “I am so grateful to the Armenian Assembly of America for the unforgettable moments that I had this summer. I had the honor to meet various Congressmen/Congresswomen and also different government officials, who shared their interesting insights with us about some major Armenian issues. Also, I became really good friends with the other interns, who made my experience in Washington, D.C. even more amazing. I definitely recommend our fellow Armenian Americans to apply for this internship, because they will not only gain more in-depth knowledge about the US-Armenian relations, but also become more aware about some major global issues.”
Lidia Nalbandyan, Communications and Public Affairs Department at Armenian Assembly of America, 2017


“My internship at the Armenian National Institute helped me realize that working towards the recognition of the Armenian Genocide makes a difference for the Armenian community. The Capitol Hill visits and Lecture Series educated me on the Assembly’s leading role in advancing the Armenian cause. I had the opportunity to talk and get to know people who can have a meaningful impact on important policy objectives.”
Nadya Movsisyan, Armenian National Institute (ANI), 2016


“As my last week approached and I prepared to leave, I take with me all the things I have learned from my workplace, but more importantly, I will take with me priceless memories from my two months in our nation’s capital. Perhaps as valuable as the skills one acquires in D.C. are the connections one makes. These connections appear in forms of casual acquaintances, professional relationships, high-ranking individuals, and most importantly personal friendships. Friendships we made during an experience as unique as this internship promise to be fruitful and long-lasting. Having assembled a diverse group of like-minded American-Armenians, the Armenian Assembly of America created bridges connecting over a dozen interns from around the world. Coming from all corners of the U.S.A., Canada, Armenia, and even Nagorno-Karabakh, groups like ours have the potential to express a united voice of the Armenian people. It is my great hope that such initiatives continue, and the friendships within our group only strengthen.”
Hamlet Tamazian, Central and East European Coalition (CEEC), 2013


“The Terjenian-Thomas Assembly Internship Program has been outstanding in providing its interns a demanding mix of a professional workplace experience, an intellectual challenge, academic seminars, and social events. I am truly relishing the unique opportunity to interact with key figures influencing our global future and to foster what will inevitably become lifelong friendships with bright fellow interns.”
Giselle Davidian, Communications and Public Affairs Department at Armenian Assembly of America, 2011


“What’s most interesting about the Assembly’s internship program is the sheer diversity of both the job placements and the participants involved. The result is a patchwork of personalities and experiences, fostering an environment that’s gratifying.”
Lisa Haidostian, Climatewire, 2008


“I’ve had a great time here in DC learning not just about the American political system but about Armenia. My work in the Senate has been instrumental in helping me decide what I want to do later in life in the political sphere, but spending time with a lot of Armenians and Armenian groups has been interesting as well.”
Joel Clarence Cretan, Senator Barbara Boxer (D-CA), 2006


 “The amount of responsibility and opportunity I have been given at my internship is incredible. As an intern for UPI, I have had access to media briefings and hearings, and have covered these events alongside other credentialed reporters. The Armenian Assembly has offered me the most professional journalistic experience I could ask for, not to mention a full calendar of speakers and social events that has made this summer unforgettable.”
Jocelyn Hanamirian, United Press International, 2006


 “I can safely say that the internship program was by far the best experience I have encountered.  As an intern for Congressman Pallone, I experienced the day-to-day inner workings of a political office and learned more than I ever could have hoped for.  My new founded interest in public policy has led me to be more active in government on the local level and has given me the knowledge that I need to succeed in my chosen career.”
Michael Azarian, Congressman Frank Pallone, Jr. (D-NJ), 2005


 “The Congressional experience has not only given me the initiative to pursue a career in international relations but has further secured my commitment to helping my people achieve their goals.  As a member of the Armenian Assembly of America, I feel privileged to be able to help in the revival of our homeland.”
Ludér T. Sahagian, Congressman John Olver (D-MA), 2000


 “The Armenian Assembly’s Internship Program is an excellent way to share one’s knowledge with those who stand to greatly benefit from it while awakening oneself to the boundless beauty of a nation which is concurrently ancient and emerging. The work placements allow interns to experience real social, economic, and professional issues facing Armenians today.”
Teni Apelian, Armenian Assembly Armenia, 2000


 “Summer internships are invaluable for young people seeking to pursue a government career, as my experience demonstrates, and the Armenian Assembly is to be commended for having had the foresight more than 20 years ago to encourage young Armenian-Americans to participate in their political system.”
Gregory Aftandilian, U.S. Department of State, 1980

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