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Armenian Assembly Discusses Economic Development with Armenian Prime Minister

Updated: Jun 28, 2021


Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly) Board of Trustees Co-Chair Anthony Barsamian, President Carolyn Mugar, Board Member Raffi Kassarjian, and Regional Director Arpi Vartanian met with Armenian Prime Minister Karen Karapetyan, where they discussed economic development and the diaspora’s participation.

The Prime Minister welcomed and praised the Assembly’s activities of strengthening Armenia-Diaspora ties and bolstering U.S.-Armenia relations. Congratulating Karapetyan on his appointment to the office of Prime Minister, the representatives of the Armenian Assembly of America assured that the Assembly would continue with its efforts supporting Armenia’s development and implementing pan-Armenian projects.

Karapetyan noted that he plans for speedy reforms using the full potential of all Armenians, highlighting the promotion of investments, the bettering of the business environment, and, especially, the programs aimed at improving the quality of education in rural areas. Emphasizing the importance of involving Armenia-Diaspora ties in the country’s economic development, the Karapetyan stated in part, “Our country needs new economic relationship, and the Government is ready to assume the function of promoter of investment activity, work with international investors in a bid to demonstrate that doing business and investing is safe, secure and simply profitable in Armenia. We wish to see a more committed and goal-oriented Diaspora in Armenia’s economic life. We want you to participate in our programs, not just for charity and with investment initiatives, but also in terms of bringing in new a management culture and putting the knowledge and skills of our best Diaspora experts at the service of pan-Armenian objectives.”

The meeting concluded focusing on the need to rebuild and reinvigorate Armenia-Diaspora ties and safeguard the Armenian identity, as well as the cooperation between the Motherland and the Armenian Assembly of America.

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