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Armenian Assembly of America Participates in “Look into the Future” Youth Expo in Armenia

Updated: Aug 23, 2021


The Armenian Assembly of America booth at the “Look into the Future” Youth Expo in Yerevan, Armenia

YEREVAN, ARMENIA – Last week, the Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly) participated in a three-day youth conference and expo organized by the Republic of Armenia entitled “Look into the Future,” reported the Assembly. From November 12-15, Armenian youth packed the Republic of Armenia’s main Conference Hall where they were joined by the Prime Minister of Armenia, Tigran Sargsyan.


Table of Assembly published materials and Regional Affairs Journal

Over 60 youth organizations took part in the expo-conference throughout Armenia. It was organized in the framework of events dedicated to the World Youth and Students International Days. At the expo-conference in Yerevan, the Armenian Assembly of America was well represented as a strong supporter of youth initiatives in Armenia.


Assembly Young Activist (AYA) member Hayk Mamijanyan (left) introduces Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan (center) to the Assembly’s publications

Prime Minister Sargsyan, accompanied by Assembly youth activist, Hayk Mamijanyan, walked through the expo booths and discussed the activity and programs of the Armenian Assembly of America.

The participants of Assembly’s Young Activists (AYA) program presented their implemented projects, published materials regarding their achievements, as well the first two volumes of Regional Affairs Journal, which contains articles written mostly by the Assembly’s AYA scholar fellows.


Prime Minister Tigran Sargsyan (left), Assembly AYA member Hayk Mamijanyan (second from left) and AYA members review youth publications

“Such a representative, pan-Armenian youth conference was long-awaited. It’s difficult to overvalue the role of our youth in Armenia’s future development. That is precisely why the Armenian Assembly of America has become a nucleus of youth activity in Armenia, unifying several of the most constructive and forward looking youth groups in our young republic,” stated Assembly Country Director Armina Darbinian.

* Photos 3 & 4 Courtesy of RA Govt./

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