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Armenian Assembly Staff Meets with Ardzagank Analyst George Tumasyan

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

By Taniel Koushakjian

AAANews Blog

A few weeks ago, George Tumasyan, an analyst for the Georgian-Armenian newspaper Ardzagank, stopped by the Armenian Assembly of America headquarters in Washington, D.C.

Tumasyan met with Assembly staff and was briefed on the Assembly’s work in Washington on behalf of the Armenian American community. Assembly staff shared with Tumasyan the importance that the Assembly places on the Armenian community in Georgia, as evidenced by the repeated calls for U.S. assistance to the ethnically Armenian-populated Samstkhe-Javakheti region of Georgia in testimony submitted by Bryan Ardouny, Executive Director of the Assembly to the U.S. House Appropriations Committee over the past few years.

Tumasyan said that “cooperation between Armenian American organizations and Armenian communities of Georgia are an important element of the Armenian Diaspora.

“Armenian Americans are influential in many international organizations and serve as a reliable partner of Georgian Armenians,” Tumasyan stated. “We hope that the Armenian Assembly of America will do its best in solidifying our diaspora around the world, and in Georgia in particular,” he said.

George Tumasyan studies at the Institute of Asia and Africa at the Free University of Tbilisi. He majors in international relations with a special focus on the Middle East, and a minor concentration in international law. He speaks Armenian, Georgian, English, Russian, and Arabic.

Ardzagank is a publication of the Hayartun Cultural, Educational, and Youth Centre, a secular community-based organization affiliated with the Diocese of the Armenian Apostolic Orthodox Holy Church in Georgia. Since its foundation on April 30, 2010, the Centre has served the Georgian Armenian community and those interested in the Armenian culture in Georgia, regardless of ethnic origin or religious affiliation. The main objectives of the organization include the promotion of cultural, educational and charitable activities, the development and the preservation of the Armenian cultural heritage in Georgia, the promotion of the Armenian-Georgian dialogue, and the protection of human rights in Georgia.

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