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Armenian Assembly Thanks Its Donors

The Armenian Assembly of America thanks each and every one of its donors, who have contributed to the Assembly's mission and accomplishments over the past five decades.

During the Assembly's milestone anniversary year, the organization successfully hosted special events from Boston to Los Angeles to Washington, D.C. that brought the Armenian American community together to reflect upon key historic moments, and lay the foundation for the future.

The Assembly would like to extend its gratitude to all of its generous Members and supporters, and acknowledge all of our 50th anniversary event sponsors, including:

The November 2022 50th Anniversary Event in Washington, D.C., honoring Speaker Nancy Pelosi and the Bipartisan Congressional Caucus on Armenian Issues:

Carolyn Mugar and The Afeyan Family Foundation

Greg Bilezikian, David and Margaret Mgrublian, and the

Sami and Annie Totah Foundation - Annie Simonian Totah

Gor and Sona Adamyan, Bryan and Valina Agbabian, Dersahagian Family Fund,

Anthony and Nancy Barsamian,

Carl and Linda Bazarian, Raffi and Nina Festekjian,

Samuel and Lucine Kapreilian, The Mirak Family Foundation, Julia Mirak Kew,

Elaine Mosesian, David and Dr. Myrna Onanian, Pele and Laura Rensel,

Judith Saryan and Victor Zarougian, Oscar Tatosian,

Ani Yeramyan Speirs, and Pontish Yeramyan

With additional support from: Garo Armen, Paula Boghossian, Samuel Gevorgyan, Nelli Gukasyan, and the Tufenkian Foundation.

The June 2022 50th Anniversary Gala in Los Angeles, California:

David and Margaret Mgrublian, Carolyn Mugar and the Stephen Philibosian Foundation - Joseph & Joyce Stein

Anonymous, Armen and Gloria Hampar Family Foundation, Sami and Annie Totah Family Foundation - Annie Simonian Totah, and Peter and Irene Vosbikian

Arnie Abramyan, The Agbabian Family, County of Los Angeles, 5th District Supervisor Kathryn Barger, Albert and Diane Cabraloff, California State University, Northridge, Dickranian Foundation, Michael & Marie Haratunian,

George Ignatius Foundation, Jack and Maro Kalaydjian,

Paul and Sandra Kalemkiarian, Dr. Haig and Hilda Manjikian, Richard and Lauren Mushegain, Armen and Aida Norhadian,

The Hon. H. Kenneth and Cynthia Norian, M. Bruce and Lu Ann Ohanian,

Deran and Zovig Tashjian and Family, and T.F. Educational Foundation

Dr. John and LindaKay Abdulian, Robert and Maral Adalian,

Gor and Sona Adamyan, Bryan and Valina Agbabian,

Elizabeth Agbabian, Michael Agbabian, Anonymous,

Roupen and Dr. Jaqueline Avsharian,

Dr. Philip and Nora Balikian, Diane Jean Barsam,

Anthony and Nancy Barsamian, Sarkis and Ruth Bedevian, Gloria Deukmejian, Vigen and Dr. Houry Ghazarian, Vahe and Alina Ghookassian,

Paul and Sosy Hachigian, Helen Haig, Marguerite Hougasian,

Lisa Kalustian and Jeff Baize,

Michelle Kezirian and Barbara Medzian, Arthur and Cecile Kokozian,

Van and Priscilla Krikorian, Stephen Hampar and Audrey Matoesian,

Barbara Medzian, Dr. Gary and Nicole Nishanian,

David and Dr. Myrna Onanian, Charles and Diane Paskerian,

Gary and Arsine Phillips,

Oscar Tatosian, Greg and Caroline Tufenkian, and Ralph Tufenkian,

Hagop and Tamar Tujian, Cynthia and Robert Tusan,

Talin Yacoubian and Varuj Babikian, and Krikor and Marlene Yerevanian

With additional support from: Syuzanna Abrahamyan, Peter Akmajian, Serosh and Irmgard Andranian, Steve and Diane Arklin, Queenie Chakerian, Ellen Sarkisian Chesnut, Anahid Crecelius, Diran Depanian, Dr. Heratch and Sonya Doumanian, Flora J. Dunaians, Gregory and Gina Felikian, Dr. Nazareth and Dr. Ani Darakjian, Ara and Leslie Bagdasarian, Levon and Liliana Filian, Doris George, Mary Guth, Stephen and Arda Haratunian, Frederick Hovsepian, Vasken and Nova Imasdounian, Dr. Susan Jerian Essayan and Dr. David Essayan, Vasken and Hikanouch Kaltakdjian, Mary Kandalian-Aslanian, Hratch Karakachian, Norig Karakashian, Rev. Dr. Vartkes and Samira Kassouni, Haig and Jean Kelegian, John Kerkezian, Saro and Sylvia Kerkonian, George and Sonia Keshishian, Vivian Kessedjian, Tamara Kirkjan, Mihran Markarian, Marshall and Naira Moushigian, Dr. Sarkis and Marita Nazarian, Daniel and Ludmila Sahakian, Natalie Samarjian and Hrag Hamalian, Narine Sarkissian, Dr. Vahe and Dr. Armine Meghrouni, Armen and Nune Simonian, and Mary Zoryan.

The May 2022 Boston Gala Honoring Gail Talanian O'Reilly:

Carolyn Mugar, Dersahagian Family Fund,

Nishan and Margrit Atinizian, Anthony and Nancy Barsamian,

Mardiros Charitable Foundation - Aurelian and Anahid Mardiros,

Charles Mosesian Family Foundation - Peter and Charleen Mosesian Onanian,

M. Bruce and Lu Ann Ohanian,

Gail Talanian O'Reilly and Richard O'Reilly, Mrs. Nevart Talanian,

Robert Semonian Foundation -

Leon and Marian Semonian and Paul Semonian, and the

Asbed and Margaret Zakarian Foundation

David and Margaret Mgrublian, The Mirak Family Foundation, Elaine Mosesian, and the Stephen Philibosian Foundation - Joseph and Joyce Stein

Yervant Chekijian, Dr. Nishan and Mary Goudsouzian, James Kalustian,

Harry and Hripsime Parsekian, and Peter and Irene Vosbikian

Edward and Susan Atamian, Dr. Jirayr and Annie Balikian,

Dr. Ernest Barsamian and Sonig Kradjian,

Paul Boghosian, Avedis and Houry Boyamian,

Hon. Evelyn Mukjian and Michael Daly, Edmond and Ann Danielson,

Dr. Robert and Kelly DerHagopian, Daniel Dorian, IV and Lisa Kolligian Dorian,

Edward and Nancy Eskandarian, Marion Felegian,

Raffi and Nina Festekjian, Michael and Marie Haratunian,

Dean and Catherine Jackson, Dr. Berdj and Margaret Kiladjian,

Van and Priscilla Krikorian, James and Connie Melikian,

Marilyn Papazian, Herman and Laura Purutyan,

Oscar Tatosian, Don and Barbara Tellalian,

Sami and Annie Totah Family Foundation,

Annie Simonian Totah, and Dr. Thomas Varbedian

With additional support from: John and Krista Aftandilian, Robert and Carine Avakian, Robert and Marilyn Bagdasarian, Ara and Taline Balikian, Shahe and Marlene Fereshetian, Walter and June Hatfield, George and Kary Jamgochian, Dro and Lynn Kanayan, Samuel and Lucine Kapreilian, Raymond J Kenney, Jr., George and Diane Keverian, John and Michelina Lepore, Beth and Edward Marootian, Joseph and Claire Monahan, Lillian Mooradian Thomas and Inge Mulvaney, Dr. Carolann Najarian, Audrey Pilibosian, Deborah Talanian, Anthony and Laurie Travia, Kenneth Tutunjian, Jacqui Mimo, Florence Wolohojian, and Arthur and Stacey Waugh.

Established in 1972, the Armenian Assembly of America is the largest Washington-based nationwide organization promoting public understanding and awareness of Armenian issues. The Assembly is a non-partisan, 501(c)(3) tax-exempt membership organization. 


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