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Armenian Genocide Museum of America to Participate in USC’s INNOVATE ARMENIA Festival

Updated: Jul 6, 2021

By Mihran Toumajan

Western Region Bureau Chief

The Armenian Genocide Museum of America (AGMA), headed by its Director, Dr. Rouben P. Adalian, is excited to announce its participation in the forthcoming “INNOVATE ARMENIA – Where Heritage Meets Innovation” festival, organized by the University of Southern California’s (USC) Institute of Armenian Studies.

A signature program of the Institute of Armenian Studies, admission to INNOVATE ARMENIA is free and open to the public. The event will take place on USC’s main campus from 10:00 AM to 6:00 PM on Saturday, April 2, 2016. Following in the successful footsteps of last year’s inaugural festival, INNOVATE ARMENIA 2016 will focus on two core themes of the Armenian global reality, namely Identity and Digital Humanities.

In addition to convening an indoor stage featuring TED-style talks by Digital Humanists, INNOVATE ARMENIA will showcase an outdoor music stage with performances by a wide array of artists, a photo exhibition – entitled SUM OF US – displaying the works of photographers from Armenia, New York, and Los Angeles, as well as innovative fusion food.

As a Digital Humanist, Dr. Adalian will have an opportunity to present the AGMA’s interactive and mobile-friendly online Armenian Genocide museum at the festival. In addition, a wealth of audiovisual and print material covering the online museum will be displayed and disseminated at the festival’s AGMA booth.

“I had the pleasure of attending the first INNOVATE ARMENIA festival in 2015 and was so very impressed by the USC Institute of Armenia Studies program,” stated Dr. Adalian. “I am delighted that the online Armenian Genocide museum was selected as one of the featured organizations for 2016. It is confirmation of the innovative methods that we succeeded in developing to continue educating the public about the Armenian Genocide and communicating to wider audiences about the importance of prevention.”

The Armenian Genocide Museum of America is a joint effort by the Armenian Genocide Museum and Memorial Inc., the Armenian Assembly of America, and the Armenian National Institute. Its online museum offers a place for reflection and learning filled with hope, inspiration, and a commitment to eradicating the scourge of genocide through education and a focus on prevention.

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