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Assembly Board Member Aram Gavoor Meets with Summer Interns

Updated: Jul 30, 2021

By Peter Kechichian

AAANews Blog

Last night, the 2014 Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly) Terjenian-Thomas interns were treated to a professional development seminar with newly-installed Assembly Board Member Aram Gavoor.

Aram Gavoor is also an alumnus of the Assembly’s internship program from the class of 2003. He joined the Assembly’s Board of Trustees earlier this year.

In a frank and candid discussion, Gavoor emphasized the importance of career development and building the right skill set, as well as detailing his own personal and professional journey.

The seminar resonated significantly with the interns. “It was great meeting with Aram because he was able to give us a lot of insight on different career opportunities as well as inform us on what directions to pursue based on our interests. He was a great speaker with valuable advice” said current intern Sona Movsisyan.

Aram Gavoor is a Senior Counsel at Cause of Action, a Washington, D.C. government accountability, nonpartisan, and non-profit organization that litigates and advocates to expose government waste, fraud, cronyism, and overregulation.

Prior to this, he spent nearly a decade as an attorney at the United States Department of Justice with extensive experience in high profile trial and appellate litigation. He is also a Professorial Lecturer of Law at The George Washington University Law School where he teaches Administrative Law, Government Lawyering, and Legal Writing for foreign attorneys.

Aram Gavoor is also a frequent speaker at intern and other Assembly events in the greater Washington, D.C. metropolitan area. He lives in Washington with his wife, Anoush, and a new baby boy Aris Gabriel.

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