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Elusive Ceasefire: Armenian Soldier Fatally Wounded by Azerbaijani Sniper

Updated: Jul 9, 2021

(CivilNet) – On the night of January 9, around 9:30 p.m., an Azerbaijani sniper fatally wounded Aramayis Voskanyan. Born in 1996, Voskanyan was from the city of Kavar in the Gegharkounik region and a student at the Yerevan State Agrarian University. He would have turned 20 on January 26th.


Even though the Nagorno Karabakh Republic (NKR) Defense Ministry reported that the situation on the Contact Line was relatively calm over the holidays, Armenia’s Defense Ministry spokesperson Artsrun Hovhannisyan evaluated this recent incident as yet another attempt from the Azerbaijani side to escalate tension after establishing relative stability at the border. “The Armenian armed forces will retaliate and Azerbaijan will, yet again, be held responsible for the intensification of Armenia’s armed defense and any future developments that might result from it,” Hovhannisyan said.

Hovhannisyan’s comment comes after an unprecedented number of ceasefire violations reported during December of last year, leading up to the meeting of Armenian and Azerbaijani presidents in Bern, Switzerland. On December 8, 2015, Azerbaijani armed forces shelled the Contact Line with tanks, which was the first incident since the establishment of the ceasefire regime in 1994.

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