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Film “The Cut” Playing in Washington, D.C.

Updated: Jul 16, 2021


By Danielle Saroyan

Armenian Agenda Associate Editor

Today and tomorrow, the film “The Cut” is playing at Landmark E Street Cinema in Washington, D.C. This film was written and directed by award winning Turkish-German Filmmaker Fatih Akin. “The Cut” is based on events during the Armenian Genocide, which resulted in the forced migration and diaspora of the Armenian community in the Ottoman Empire.

Available times:

  1. Wednesday, November 4, 2015: 7:00 PM

  2. Thursday, November 5, 2015: 1:25 PM

  3. Thursday, November 5, 2015: 7:00 PM

“The Cut” is an epic drama that takes place in the Ottoman Empire in 1914. The main character, Nazaret Manoogian, survives the Armenian Genocide and discovers his two daughters are alive as well. In “The Cut,” Nazaret searches for his daughters from his village, Mardin, to the Mesopotamian deserts, to Cuba, and then finally North Dakota.

“He endures forced labor, survives a near-fatal throat-slitting — losing his ability to speak — and is witness to numerous other ravages and deprivations,” according to a review in the Washington Post. “A scene in an Armenian refugee camp in the Syrian desert is particularly harrowing.”

This film first premiered at the 71st Venice International Film Festival in August 27, 2015 and has played in various locations around the U.S. such as Los Angeles, Chicago, and Philadelphia.

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