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Former Assembly Intern Accepted to University of Pennsylvania

Updated: Aug 19, 2021

May 28, 2014

Ani Peckjian, an alumnus of the 2012 class of the Armenian Assembly Terjenian-Thomas Summer Internship Program, has recently been accepted to the University of Pennsylvania Education Policy graduate program.

“[The] Armenian Assembly has inspired me to become more involved with issues such as education to bring further awareness of reform for schools,” Peckjian said. Assembly Executive Director Bryan Ardouny worked with Peckjian to assist her in her graduate school applications.


(Ani Peckjian with her parents on graduation day, May 17, 2014) 

During her summer with the Assembly in 2012, Peckjian interned at the Armenian National Institute (ANI) under the tutelage of Director Dr. Rouben Adalian. A history and secondary education major, Ani Peckjian graduated from Ursinus College earlier this month. Ardouny and the entire Assembly team wish her the utmost success in her professional development.

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