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Immigration Information: Our Lecture with Mark Krikorian

Updated: Aug 2, 2021

As a part of our Summer 2014 Lecture Series, the Terjenian-Thomas interns had an intellectually stimulating discussion with Executive Director of the Center for Immigration Studies Mark Krikorian. During the lecture, Krikorian explained his role in Washington, D.C. and topics relevant to immigration in the United States.

Pictured above (L-R): Crystal Densmore, Mariam Pashayan, Tyler Bagdasarian, Anna Strohmeyer, Mark Krikorian, Peter Kechichian, Lusiné Mehrabyan, Ani Stamboulian, Gevorg Shahbazyan, and Joseph Ayanian)

Furthermore, Krikorian talked about his presence in the media. Among other networks, he spoke about his appearances on CNN, Fox, and NPR. Our intern group was very fascinated with Krikorian’s experiences and views on immigration.

Pictured Above (L-R): Lusiné Mehrabyan, Gevorg Shahbazyan, Ani Stamboulian, Taleen Barsam, Anna Strohmeyer, Mark Krikorian, Tyler Bagdasarian, Mariam Pashayan, Joseph Ayanian, Crystal Densmore, and Peter Kechichian)

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