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Meet Armenian Assembly Intern Coordinator, Mariam Khaloyan (Alumni Class of 2015)

Updated: Jul 1, 2021

(armenianassemblyinternship) - Meet Mariam Khaloyan. She is the first featured alumni of the Armenian Assembly of America’s (Assembly) Terjenian Thomas Assembly Internship Program in Washington, D.C. Khaloyan is this year’s intern coordinator, where she has already started working towards making this a memorable year for the interns!


“I am fortunate to come back to the Armenian Assembly of America this summer as the intern coordinator for class of 2016,” Khaloyan said. “I am planning activities for this summer, including meetings with Armenian Americans, cultural workshops, and other bonding experiences. In less than two weeks, I have already started involving the interns in the local Armenian community. Just last Friday, we went to the Armenian Embassy to commemorate International Children’s Day, hosted by the Armenian American Cultural Association, Inc. (AACA).”

While reflecting on her time last year during the Assembly’s internship, she wants to make sure this year’s class has the same opportunities and more.

“Every visit during the Armenian Assembly’s internship last summer created fond memories. However, one particular event stood out to me. It had been a longtime dream to visit the White House, and the Assembly made my dream come true,” Khaloyan said. “Overall, the experience throughout the summer left me with life-long memories and friendships. From meeting the intelligent Armenian interns from all over the country to visiting Congressmen and Senators on Capitol Hill, the summer of 2015 was truly unforgettable!”

During her internship in 2015, Khaloyan worked at the Armenian National Institute with Dr. Rouben Adalian. She recently graduated with honors from the University of Maryland, Baltimore County with a major in Psychology and a minor in Sociology. She plans to attend graduate school next year and pursue a degree in Industrial Labor Relations at Cornell University.

This post is the beginning of a summer weekly article featuring Armenian Assembly of America intern alumni. If you are an alumni, please fill out this survey.

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