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Meeting the Assembly

Updated: Aug 16, 2021

During our second week of the Terjenian-Thomas Internship Program, we have participated in meetings with two Armenian Assembly of America staff members Taniel Koushakjian and Dr. Rouben Adalian. On Monday, we had an information session with Armenian Assembly of America Communications Director Taniel Koushakjian on topics such as the Armenian Genocide, the NKR conflict, and the Armenian Assembly of America’s role in Washington, DC.

(Pictured Above L-R: Mariam Pashayan, Anna Strohmeyer, Ani Stamboulian, Sona Movsisyan, & Armenian Assembly of America Communications Director Taniel Koushakjian)

On Tuesday, the Terjenian-Thomas interns met with the Executive Director of the Armenian National Institute (ANI) Doctor Rouben Adalian. Not only did we learn about the Armenian National Institute, but we discussed the current political status of Armenian Genocide recognition, and prospects for the United States to pass a resolution in the future.

(Pictured Above L-R: Executive Director Dr. Rouben Adalian, Taleen Barsam, Gevorg Shahbazyan, and Anna Strohmeyer)

Overall, we had a productive and interesting second week of the Terjenian-Thomas Armenian Assembly of America Internship Program. We are looking forward to more insightful and intellectual events this summer.

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