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President Sargsyan Awards Medals to Howard Karagozian Memorial Foundation

Updated: Jun 29, 2021


On September 20, Armenian President Serzh Sargsyan awarded medals of honor to the Howard Karagozian Memorial Foundation (Howard Karagheuzian Commemorative Corporation) led by Foundation President Michael Haratunian, reported

Sargsyan awarded benefactors Michael Haratunian and Kevork “George” Bagoumian with the First Degree Medal For the Services Rendered to Fatherland for their considerable contribution to the strengthening and development of Armenia and Armenian Diaspora relations.

On behalf of all employees of the Howard Karagozian Memorial Foundation and his own behalf, Michael Haratunian thanked the President of Armenia for the warm hospitality, assessment of their work, and good wishes. Presenting briefly the 95 year-long activities of the Howard Karagozian Memorial Foundation, which was founded after the Armenian Genocide, the Chairman assured that they will continue to work with the same vigor, doubling their efforts, especially in Armenia and Artsakh for the benefit of the two Armenian states, for the prosperity and empowerment of the Armenian nation.

Michael and Marie Haratunian are Armenian Assembly of America (Assembly) life trustees who dedicated their lives to the Armenian American community and Armenians around the world. 

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