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Representative Adam Schiff Calls Attack on Kessab Armenians: “Beyond Appalling”

Updated: Sep 20, 2021


According to a press announcement from Congressman Adam Schiff (D-CA), today he released the following statement “on the attacks by Al Qaeda-affiliated terrorists against Kessab Armenians and Christians:”

“The vicious attacks by al Qaeda affiliated terrorists against Armenians and other Christians in the Syrian town of Kessab in northern Syria are beyond appalling. These attacks, which reportedly originated in Turkey, reflect the depth of the depravity to which the conflict in Syria has fallen. I have been in touch with the State Department and have been assured that we are working with Armenian, Syrian and Turkish officials to determine exactly what happened and how to prevent further acts of such barbarity.   

“The Syrian civil war has been a disaster for all of Syria’s people, but especially vulnerable minority populations.  I have been working on multiple fronts to help Syrian Christians, including working to secure humanitarian parole for Syrians with approved immigrant petitions and to ensure that humanitarian relief is distributed to all of Syria’s citizens.”

Yesterday, the Armenian Assembly of America released its statement condemning the attacks on Armenians in Syria. The Assembly also sent a letter to President Obama on Monday, March 24, urging him to “safeguard the Armenians of Kessab.” “In addition, we urge President Obama to make it publicly clear that the United States will not tolerate its NATO ally’s policy of providing support to extremist groups,” the Assembly’s letter to President Obama stated.

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