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Statement By Armenian Caucus Co-Chair Rep. Jackie Speier on Armenia’s 25th Independence Day

Updated: Jun 28, 2021

Today we celebrate the 25th anniversary of Armenia’s Independence and the right of Armenians to self-rule and self-determination. As one of only two Armenia-American members of Congress, I have always drawn great strength and unshakable resolve from my Armenian ancestry – which includes a proud history and the horror of genocide that my ancestors fought to overcome and that must never be forgotten. That is why I was proud to carry the resolution condemning the Armenian Genocide during my time in the California Legislature, and I am equally proud today to serve as a Co-Chair of the Congressional Armenian Caucus.

Let us celebrate this Armenian Independence Day by recommitting ourselves to building strong U.S.—Armenia relations through diplomacy and aid. Let us vow never to forget the atrocities that Armenians have suffered and stand firm with Armenia against those who try to deny these crimes against humanity. Finally, let us look to the future as our nations work together to uphold the core principles of democracy that Armenia and America hold so dear so that we may all have the ability to achieve our greatest destinies.

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