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American Major General's Report on the American Military Mission to Armenia, 1920

Updated: Sep 21, 2021

On April 13, 1920, Major General James G. Harbord, who served as General John J. Pershing’s Chief of Staff during World War I, submitted to the United States Senate ‘Conditions in the Near East: Report of the American Military Mission to ‪‎Armenia‬’ (SD 66-2-Vol-15-33). Writing his report aboard the U.S.S. Martha Washington in 1919, Harbord stated that “[m]utilation, violation, torture and death have left their haunting memories in a hundred beautiful ‪‎Armenian valleys, and the traveler in that region is seldom free from the evidence of this most colossal crime of all the ages.”

The American Military Mission to Armenia was organized by President Woodrow Wilson and consisted of Maj. Gen. James G. Harbord, United States Army; Brig. Gen. Frank R. McCoy, United States Army; Brig. Gen. George Van Horn Moseley, United States Army; Col. Henry Beeuwkes, Medical Corps, United States Army; Lieut. Col. John Price Jackson, United States Engineers; Lieut. Col. Jasper Y. Brinton, judge advocate, United States Army; Lieut. Col. Edward Bowditch, Jr., Infantry, United States Army; Commander W. W. Bertholf, United States Navy; Maj. Lawrence Martin, General Staff, United States Army; Maj. Harold Clark, Infantry, United States Army; Capt. Stanley K. Hornbeck, Ordnance Department, United States Army (chief of Far Eastern Division, American Commission to Negotiate Peace); Mr. William B. Poland, chief of the American Relief Commission for Belgium and Northern France; Prof. W. W. Cumberland, economic advisor to the American Commission to Negotiate Peace; Mr. Eliot Grinnell Mears, trade commissioner, Department of Commerce, with other officers, clerks, interpreters, etc.

You can read General Harbord’s report here.

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