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Violinist Ara Malikian Plays for Syrian Refugees

Updated: Jun 29, 2021


( – The latest project of Spanish-based talented violinist, Ara Malikian, is dedicated to peace and solidarity. Touring through the refugee camps, Ara Malikian played his faithful instrument, the violin for Syrian children, Arevelk reports.

Spanish sources write that the musician is also a “victim of the war.” With his family, Malikian was forced to leave Lebanon in the 1970s for Europe because of the Lebanese Civil War. 

Now he’s able to bring joy to those children deprived from happy childhood. According to the musician, many of them hear the violin for the first time; they dance to it and touch the strings with surprise.

Ara Malikian told the children how the violin saved him when he was a refugee like them. He said that in this manner he wants to raise awareness in the world about the current state of the Syrian people.

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