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Washington, D.C Internship Application

Step 1: Complete the application below, which includes:

• Application questions
• Housing Scholarship section (if you wish to be considered for a scholarship)
• Housing Deposit (required after being accepted to the program)


Step 2: Attach and send the following materials:

• Resume (required)
• Cover Letter (required)
• Transcript (can be mailed or uploaded below)

• Writing Sample (2 pages max.)
• Two Letters of Recommendation (please mail or have sent via direct email at


Step 3: Hit Submit and mail or email your additional materials to:

Armenian Assembly of America
Attn: Internship Program Selection Committee

1032 15th St NW, Suite 416, Washington, DC 20005

(202) 393-3434 x336

Upon receipt of your application, the Assembly will review your materials and notify you of its decision. Internship placements in Washington, DC are highly competitive. Therefore, once accepted, the placement process will begin right away. Be mindful that potential placements may contact you directly. Please notify the Assembly of any developments related to finding and securing an internship placement.

You are encouraged to contact the Internship Program Director at the Armenian Assembly office at to arrange a consultation. This will provide you a chance to explore the opportunities available in your preference area, discuss any special requirements or deadlines, and ask any questions you may have.




In preparing your application, it is important to remember that if you are accepted, the Armenian Assembly will forward your materials to prospective offices in Washington, DC. The quality of the presentation of your materials plays a vital role in the placement process. Therefore, please read the following instructions and suggestions and make every effort to adhere to them. Remember that you must be a matriculated student at the time you are applying.



A cover letter is a one-page document that is sent with your resume when applying for an internship or job. It is meant to introduce yourself to the hiring manager. Argue why you would be a good fit for the position. Fill in places your resume cannot describe. Be sure that your cover letter is tailored to appeal to your desired internship, not to specifically to the Assembly.


Emphasize those elements which might especially qualify you for the type of internship you seek. Avoid lengthy descriptions of your activities. Use clear and concise language. It is particularly important that your resume be free of any errors. This is the most important part of your application. Therefore, we highly recommend that you consult a resume help book or your college’s Career Office.


Visit your Registrar’s office online or in person and request a copy of your transcript. Note: There is often a backlog of requests, so expect a slight delay.


Obtain two letters of recommendation from professors, advisors or employers who can comment on your academic achievements, written and verbal communication skills, or employment performance. Avoid asking individuals such as friends and relatives, who might be perceived as being biased. Your professors/employers can send them on their own to the Selection Committee or you can collect them in sealed envelopes and mail them to us.


Upon completion of the form, Assembly staff will contact you regarding housing deposit payment options, a $500 deposit is required. Once accepted into the program, deposits are non-refundable as they will be applied toward your summer housing costs.


A limited number of housing scholarships for the Terjenian-Thomas Summer Internship Program in Washington, DC are available, on a competitive basis, to qualified students. If you wish to apply for financial aid, you must complete the enclosed financial aid request form and attach a copy of your FAFSA documentation for the current year.


This application is multi-stepped. You will be asked to upload your resume, cover letter, transcript, and writing sample at the end. 

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